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Minerva is a user-friendly web interface to McGill's central database, available to applicants, students and their designated guests.

In addition to their respective menus, i.e. Student or Guest menu, both students and guests have access to the Personal and Applicant menus.

Applicants to McGill receive an acknowledgement notice from the University, containing their McGill ID with which they can log into Minerva. Until accepting an offer of admission, they have access only to the Applicants and Personal menus in Minerva.

To learn more about all these menus, see Minerva menus for Students and Guests. For details of first-time and subsequent login, see the How to access section below.

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What you need to access Minerva:

All users must use their McGill ID and Minerva PIN for the first time they log into Minerva.

New applicants, students or guests: Your McGill ID is a 9-digit number that will have been emailed to you. If it has not yet been emailed to you, you must wait until you receive it before you attempt to log in. Your initial PIN is your date of birth in the format YYMMDD, (year, month, and day) such as 850624.

Former McGill students: If your ID was a 7-digit number and your PIN a 4-digit number when you last studied at McGill, you may be able to access Minerva by adding 11 to the start of both your ID and PIN numbers. Alternatively, call Service Point at 514-398-7878 to have your PIN reset.

Students: after the first time, you can log in using either your McGill ID/Minerva PIN combination or your McGill Username and Password.

Guests: always use a McGill ID and PIN to log in. To receive your log in credentials, you must have been granted guest access privileges by a McGill student and followed the instructions contained in the emails sent to you by McGill.

How to access Minerva:

The first time you log in, ALL users (applicants, students, guests) must log into Minerva directly:

  1. Have your McGill ID ready. Your initial Minerva PIN is your date of birth in the format YYMMDD, e.g. 941022.
  2. Access the Minerva Login screen and log in using your McGill ID and initial Minerva PIN.
  3. Click the HELP link at the top of the Login screen for detailed instructions on first-time login and how to set up / change any credentials.
  4. You will be prompted to:

After the first time:

Students can access Minerva in either of the following ways:

Guests can access Minerva from the Minerva for guests web page.

Applicants – Until accepting an offer of admission from McGill, you may continue to access Minerva directly and log in with the McGill ID and the PIN you set up during first-time login. Upon confirming your acceptance to McGill, you will receive your McGill Username and McGill Password and can subsequently access Minerva as described for Students above.

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The costs are covered by your student fees.

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Minerva is available 24 X 7, except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Check the IT Services home page for any announcements regarding unscheduled service interruptions.

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Do I need to log in to see McGill's Course Calendar or Class Schedule for a term?
No. To help you start planning, just click these links below.

Course Catalog
Search for McGill courses at every level with full course descriptions, prerequisites, calendar notes and other restrictions as published in University Calendars.

Class Schedule
Search for course sections, times, locations and instructors on University timetables.

For students and guests:
Guest access information 
How do I change my Minerva PIN?
How do I use Minerva to apply to study at McGill?

For students:
How do I use Minerva to register for courses?
How can I get my transcripts?
How do I apply to graduate?
How do I designate a guest to access my financial information in Minerva?
How do I change my McGill Password?

For guests:
Q: Why can't I access all of the options on the Guest Menu?
A: The options you can access on the Guest menu are determined by your host student. Once logged into Minerva, click Guest Menu > Overview of Student-Granted Access Privileges to see your current privileges.

As a guest, I see additional menus in Minerva; is that correct?

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Resources for students:

Resources for guests:

Resources for applicants:

Programs and Admissions

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Find instant answers about student-related matters at: Ask McGill

Get help on the web for: Registered students, Applicants/Prospective students, Guests/Alumni or call Service Point at 514-398-7878.

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