McGill ID and Minerva PIN
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Your McGill ID is the 9-digit number shown on your McGill ID card. Your Minerva PIN is a 6-character combination (numbers and letters) of your own choosing. They are used together to access many online services and IT systems at McGill including:

Note: For most of these services, you can also log in using your McGill Username and McGill Password. However, for first-time login to Minerva, you must use your McGill ID and Minerva PIN, and can then set up your McGill Password. See the How to request section of this article.

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Current and former McGill faculty and staff members, alumni, and students and their designated guests (usually parents or relatives).

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What is your McGill ID and initial Minerva PIN

Students: In the letter of acknowledgement of your application, you will receive your McGill ID number. Your initial Minerva PIN is your date of birth in the format YYMMDD, (year, month, and day) such as 850624. You will also receive instructions on how to log into Minerva. If you have trouble logging in, call Service Point at 514-398-7878.

Former McGill students: If your ID was a 7-digit number and your PIN a 4-digit number when you last studied at McGill, you may be able to access Minerva by adding 11 to the beginning of your old ID (e.g. 11xxxxxxx) and PIN (e.g. 11xxxx). Alternatively, call Service Point at 514-398-7878 for assistance.

Staff: You should have been sent an email that includes your McGill ID number and a separate email with an initial Minerva PIN (which, for staff, is NOT your date of birth). If you do not receive your McGill ID or initial PIN, contact the IT Service Desk at 514-398-3398. They will be able to set an initial PIN for you, which you can use for first-time login.

Guests: Students may give access privileges (ability to view and pay bills), to a guest within Minerva. To designate someone as your guest, log into Minerva, go to the Student Accounts menu and select Guest Access. Your guest will be contacted by email and will be provided with his/her own McGill ID and Minerva PIN. For more information see Guest Access to Minerva on the Student Accounts web site.

When logging into Minerva for the first time

All users are required to log in with their assigned McGill ID and initial (temporary) PIN.

Users are then prompted to change their initial Minerva PIN one of their own choosing, as per the on-screen instructions.

You can change your Minerva PIN at any time by going to the Personal Menu > Minerva PIN.

At this point, users should also take time to view their McGill Username and set up their McGill Password since these credentials can also be used to access most IT services at McGill including Minerva.

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There is no cost associated with this service. For students, the cost is covered under your student fees.

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Not applicable.

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Support for students and their guests, applicants and alumni:
Help on the web for: Registered students, Applicants, Alumni or call Service Point at 514-398-7878.

Support for staff:
Contact IT Service Desk

Call 514-398-3398 or visit the IT Service Desk:
Support service hours and location

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